Sunday, 12 March 2017

Basic first aid

Do not move the casualty unnecessanly Keep hm warm,  Make a digrosas decde the reatmert ao reat Renner ter a AaC first Ad See hes airways are cear that he is breathng and ris bood canciator s:arent.

RESPIRATION is taling,  give antca respiration MOUTH to MOUTH or MOUTH to NOSE.

BLEEDING Arrest the bieeding and protect the wound.  Apply drect or ndirect pressure Cover we a ressr;  apov a pac ac tem bandage.  Elevate the wounded part above the level o hean to STOP BLEEDNG FRACTURES IMMOBILISE the fractured part with a wea padded sttt support reachang me onts on erer sape oty:aruays ed her side of the ste and at the orts or efther side Atm suopon.

BURNS AND SCALDS A bum is caused by dry hea!  and a scad by moist hear ike seam.  very hot water or MtEATE.Y coo ee anea with cold water for 15 mins.  pain substdes DO NOT brea bisters,  or apply ary ng on the arrs Coeer a sterie or dean doth,  pad and bandage.  Gre tuds.

5,  NOSE BLEEDING Sti hm u facng the breeze with the head sighty forward Asi trear rougr ne nue and NC has nose Apoty a coid compress Dver the nose The part of the nose may oe onche:  pose at ngers uns.  Cond application on une back of the neck and fore ead may rep

BEE STING Do not press the bag(of the stngi Use toreceps and remave ine stsng Apon coa or weak ammona

7.  ANIMAL BITES Wash with soap and plenry of water Locse panda.E may be apied Get auck mexa ao

SNAKE BITES Keep patient calm wasn with plenty of water and suap DC NOT RU8 rad Fins apo a consmare sersage x the reart side d the bre.  Not lo be appled contruously tor more man 20 mms De not rose or arency te wouris Get avg quicKay Try to certty me srake. 

FAINTING Lay him down and oosen the dothng around chest and wast Tum head w one sde phe egs znay:e nses a tte DO NOT attempt to gve any solicts or baads.  On recovery.  sral auansty of a rank Tay:e ver he may allowed to SA up and move ater rest 

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